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I'm sitting in the Spinners and Bloggers forum here at MIT and it's okay – two of my cohorts and I were tied up in a business meeting and arrived late, so it's entirely possible that we missed all the great fire and brimstone, but so far it's only sort of enh. A couple of fun stories here and there, but my excitement is elsewhere.

There's so much going on here, and the brain has been spinning at 250K RPM for a while now. As a result, I kinda have to get out of here for a little while. I'm almost out front of the readings, so there shouldn't be that much going with me in my backpack, but my parents are coming up this weekend and we're going to take a quick trip up North to go leaf-peeping and just sort of catch up. I haven't seen my folks since classes started, which was only something like six weeks ago now, but it feels more like six months. That's the result of there being no down days here.

Quick interesting story from the forum – when Newt Gingrich was trying to build credibility for his image reboot, he went on Amazon and critiqued tons of books on national security. Neat.

Recent media consumption has included Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Dan Gilmor's We The Media, and countless essays and articles. This weekend's primary assignment is Paradise Lost, and I have an audio narrative project due Thursday (which will be posted here if it goes halfway well). Man.

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