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Lunchtime quickies.

Couple of quick things while I wait for the microwave to ding:

  1. Massachusetts is currently being spanked with cold wind and torrential rain. Not good when you're supposed to be leaving on a jet plane. "What the hell," I growled as I punched up – and then I saw the culprit: Wilma, wending her witchy way up the coast. Grrr.
  2. It's a good thing that I exist right at the nexus of two demographics classically known for being unkempt – the creative type and the MIT geek type – because I am having zero luck finding a place to get a trim here in Cambridge. There are plenty of them, but most of them don't have room for walk-ins, and the one that did wanted forty-five bucks for a haircut. Unh uh. I'm a grad student, thanks. Forty-five smackers buys a lot of Taco Bell.
  3. I spent all morning making business cards at Kinko's, due to a typo I made in my own design for the Convergence Culture Consortium cards. Last week I made business cards for five of us, and I spent so much time and energy on making sure that nobody else's cards had any errors that I completely forgot to proofread my own. D'oh! The shoemaker's son truly does go barefoot. Anyway, the moral of this story is be nice to the poor guys who work at Kinko's – it really does take a long time to make your business cards on the spot, since what seems like an easy series of cuts actually translates into tons and tons of work. Trust me. Voice of experience.
  4. The Tohubohu gang pulled it off again – I can't wait to see the finished product, a short called "Homemade Hero". Way to go, gang!
  5. Mercifully, all my friends in Florida have emerged out the other side of another hurricane relatively unscathed. For a great story (with pictures!) check out David Seitzinger's weblog.
  6. Weather like this is made for soup. And that was the microwave dinging. Lunch is served. :)
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