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I suppose 9:30 in the morning is too early to post something with such a dreary title, but that's about how I feel at the moment. "Hallowent" is sort of the past tense of "Halloween", to my mind – Halloween, Halloweening, Hallowent. And even though the day just began, it's pretty much a lost cause already.

I love Halloween. Love it. It's my favorite holiday of the year. Still, the last couple of years have been sort of blase for Halloweenery. This is largely because for the last couple of years I've been pretty laid-back about meeting people, and as a result don't get invited to many costume parties. Hence, the lack of need to make a costume. I'd been planning to go as Destruction from the Sandman series, since I am a big fan of the Double Duty Costume, which is a costume you can wear when out in public without too much grief. Since Destruction is usually depicted as big and bearded (or at least fuzzy) with long hair, and most recently in a simple shirt and jeans, and seeing as how I myself am big and bearded with long hair, this would be an easy costume to pull off. The only props I'd need would be a hobo's stick and a sword, and maybe a dog and a copy of Keats. I am also a fan of the Cult Costume, which is a costume that only a few people get. For that same reason, I'd also contemplated going as Mal Reynolds, which would have been fairly simple as long as I could track down a big brown coat.

However, not having any official reason to dress up this year, all of that work was simply set aside in favor of, well, conferences and homework. This is sad and somewhat depressing, and I am consoling myself wth mellowcreme pumpkins and the knowledge that someday, maybe sooner and maybe later, I'm going to be the guy who throws the big crazy Halloween parties that everyone talks about. I used to be that guy back in high school, and when I have my own house and a large community of friends all in one place, we're going to have ourselves a time. Someday. But not today.

Happy Halloween, everybody. I miss you all.


I went as Jayne a year or two back; spray painted a Blue Sun logo on a T-shirt. Somewhere, there's a picture... I'll have to dig it up and post it...

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