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And suddenly, a conference broke out!

So how cool is this? Late last week I found out about the Game Writers Conference that's happening this week in Austin, Texas, and now tomorrow I'm hopping a plane and heading back to the land of ribs and Shiner Bocks. Kind of like a preview for next year's SXSW, which I'm definitely going to try and attend. I miss all my old cohorts, especially after getting to see Leonard and Ryan again a few weeks ago, so I'm going to try and make my way back there again next year.

This is definitely a week of heavy travel, though -- last weekend Mom and Dad came up from Ohio and we took a daytrip up to Portland, Maine on Saturday. Damn, what a beautiful city -- I can't wait to go back!

More news as it develops... I wonder if they'll have free wi-fi at the Convention Center?

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