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Thinking about Y!TV

Doing some heavy, heavy thinking this week about the work that Yahoo! is doing in the arena of online video streaming, VOD and the long tail. To get caught up to speed, check out this Wired piece called The Super Network. An excerpt:

Such network-generated filters will enable psychographic siblings to find one another and, ultimately, evolve into social programming networks. There will still be content that's almost universally appealing, of course, but instead of being imposed on us in multimillion-dollar marketing blitzes (see Fantastic Four and Britney Spears), the new blockbusters will be discovered, illuminated, remixed, amplified, and perhaps enhanced by sponsorship money, during a quick passage from obscurity. "If you can create the right social exchange," Horowitz says, "you don't have to do the heavy lifting."

The mind races with possibilities. Seriously. Races.

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