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In which I get one monitor back while hoping for two.

So my troubles with my desktop continue apace. Last night I decided to try the time-honored method of solving a problem by throwing money at it, marched down to the local Apple Store here in Cambridge and sensibly bought a new video card. I brought it home, plugged it in, and the damn thing worked for about half an hour. Now the main screen being driven off the AGP card works but not the secondary one, which has me all befuddled. If the PCI card ceased to work, that would make sense, and if the AGP card ceased to work, that would make sense, but this bizarre concept of the second display output on the AGP card failing has me quite beyond the pale. What. The. Hell. Granted, this is progress, but having this one display still sitting here taunting me is aggravating in the extreme. I may take the card back and trade up for the next higher model, methinks – I'd putchased the cheapest one they had in hopes that a simple swap would solve the problem, but alas, this seems not to be the case.

There is so much happening and I am a horrible, terrible blogger for not trying to chronicle more of it. Recent misadventures have included meeting recruiting people from Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google; giving a pitch meeting to some execs from the Cartoon Network, bunkering down and figuring out (roughly) how vodcasts could be used to deliver chapters of a narrative, and now I'm trying to determine whether or not I have the resources to actually try that. I have an assignment coming up a week from tomorrow (eek!) which is all about a visual narrative, and another coming up the week after that which is about sound, and I have several ideas I want to try and pull off while I'm here at MIT and these seem like an excellent opportunity, but I'm also slammed with all sorts of homework... Well, okay. To be honest, the real bugaboo for me here is a deep-rooted fear that I've lost my storytelling skills. Which is silliness, of course, and the best way to overcome that silliness is to throw myself headlong back into the pool, but the fear is still there. So my job this week is to overcome that fear and to get back on the proverbial horse. The solution is to try and write as copiously as possible, give myself freedom to suck (this is, after all, an experiment) and roll with it.

I wish it were as easy as that sounds. More details as they emerge... If I do succeed in this experiment, I'll have some news concerning it coming up fairly quick-like. :)

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