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Drinking from a firehose.

So there's an old saying that getting an education from MIT is like trying to drink from a firehose. I've been in classes for less than a week and yeah, it's exactly like that. My cohorts are great, amazing people that I'm honored to join in this endeavor, my professors are incredible folks that apparently know everybody on all continents, and this experience is already both blowing my hair back and perfectly, utterly right.

I have so much more to post and say, but I probably won't have a chance to do so until tomorrow, if then. I've already signed up to be my department's liaison between CMS and the arts@mit initiative, which could be hot, and we're meant to attend an open rehearsal for a performance of Tom Stoppard's "The Real Thing" tonight. We have labs from 7-10 Monday and Wednesday, a colloquium with a reception every Thursday night, and classes in weird blocks for the rest of the week. Fridays currently remain open, but I still have to meet with my employer here on campus to determine if that's the day where I'll be squeezing in all my work time.

In short, this is amazing and daunting as hell, but I haven't been this (professionally) happy in years. :D


When you say "drink from a fire hose," I can't help but think of Michael Richards and Wierd Al in UHF, having the kids on "Stanley Spadowski's Funhouse" drink from the fire hose. Anyway...

Yeah, it's exactly like that! :)

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