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So many things are happening!

Holy crow, how did life get so crazy interesting so fast? After a couple of bizarre weeks, things here have begun to crackle and pop in all kinds of great ways. If you remember that scene at the end of Who Framed Roger Rabbit when they knock down the wall to ToonTown, you'll have a pretty clear idea of where things are right now with me. :)

Ordinarily, I'd suggest that this would mean a lull in posts here, due to the sudden crazy demands on time, but I've actually found the opposite to be true -- that I actually post more when I'm busy because of a revitalized interest in things. So there may be a flurry of posts here today and tomorrow, a lull as I go home to Ohio for a week to help get my grandmother's house ready to sell, and then a resurgence in August. After that, it's off to school and a myriad of commitments there.

Life is so bloody interesting. Onward!

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