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New design tech support.

OK, the new design is just about ready for prime time. I know there are some issues with the top nav not showing up in IE for the PC and there's a little space in the subpage nav there in the top left on the PC as well – both of which are issues with IE sucking – but if anybody else is having problems, this is the thread to comment in. (Shannon, I'm moving your comment over here, OK? I'd rather not have that post about my Dad cluttered up with tech support issues. :) )


I don't know why, but your new design is making my computer whine in pain whenever it loads. Kinda scary...

Comment dates are coming out all wonky. Saying "Today" on comments I made a while back, etc. And still no pretty gravatar pictures.

You may have to refresh the page to get the proper date on the comments; I'm seeing the relative dates coming out fine. The Gravatar issue, though, still has me stumped. I'm wondering if it's due to a missing component in our server's Perl install.

(Brief aside for the geeky -- the version of Perl that ships on the Sun Blade, which is powered by Solaris, SUCKS. There's a TON of MT plug-ins that I'd like to use but can't because they won't run on this hacked-up port of Perl. We're moving over to a Linux-powered box hopefully next month, so some of this stuff should clear up. Again, hopefully.)

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