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OK, my gentle readers, I'm most of the way to where I want to be with these upgrades, but I'm not all the way there yet. The concept here is that I'm using Tip of the Quill as a guinea pig for the expansions before I roll them out to Ken's weblog, the 3+ new weblogs I'm adding (!), and eventually to the rest of the site as well. Mwa. Ha. Ha.

In the meantime, all y'all who normally comment on my stuff here, please take two minutes and sign up for a Gravatar. I'm going to be tackling the comments pages next, and it'll be a big help if I can get you guys in on the next test. Thanks! (Carrie, Laura, Ken, Noel, Talon, Bill – I'm looking at you here, guys!)


Okay, so I'm signed up for a Gravatar. Of course, it's apparently "awaiting approval." I guess they have to decide if my ugly mug is too scary for small children...

Thanks, Bill! I've got to go sign up for one now too. I'm also trying to build in some support for author-specific styles -- let's see if this works. :)

Update: Yep! Most excellent. Special thanks to Dan Cederholm for his excellent tutorial on how to pull this off. Muchos gracias!

Testing, testing. Testing the Gravatar system...

Bloody hell, this Gravatar thing STILL isn't working?

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