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On narrowcasting.

Lately my mind has been all over the map. Client work lately has been paling in comparison to the lure of school this fall – I am so ready for this – and my recent adventures with Tohubohu and Untyped have me feeling restless and itching to do more creative work. Our most recent film, The Big Lie That Solves Everything, is now available for watching on the Tohubohu site, and we should have big bright new shiny QuickTime 7 versions of our films up here soon. (Further, if I can get out from under this project that will not die, I hope to get the next version of the Tohubohu site out the door soon as well.)

Anyway, my film producing experiences with Tohubohu are leading me to think a great deal about other, similar projects. Last night I spent some quality time hanging out at the Borders over on Lincoln, where I started sketching out a plan for What Comes Next in this regard, and it blew my mind. The pieces are all almost in just the right places – it's time to strike.

In my sideblog today you'll see a list of links to articles discussing narrowcasting, the practice of distributing video over the Internet. Hook this to the ever-expanding TV-on-DVD market, observe the success of Red vs. Blue and their DVD, and you'll see where I'm going with this.

I still have a lot to work out in my head and on paper, but there is some seriously interesting stuff going on here.

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