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Da do run run run, da do run run.

I have returned from Washington, D.C., and am (as expected) having one of those days where there's something that has to be done everywhere I look. I am therefore going to be largely unavailable all day while I catch up client stuff, answer emails, tidy house, work out, etc. Sheesh.

On the upside, I may finally be within sight of finishing up a couple of things that I've been working on for years, so that has me excited. Also, in an explosion of complete lack of self-control, I stopped at The Apple Store on the way home from O'Hare last night and picked up my own copy of Tiger. So far it's pretty cool, with the biggest improvements for me being Dashboard and the new Dictionary tool, wherein one selects an unfamiliar word and presses control-command-D and a definition appears. I'm sure I'll post more about this as the week goes on. Right now, though, there's a huge G signal up in the sky. I'm needed – in way too many places at once!

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