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We can rebuild him...

So after a long hiatus stemming directly from a massive issue with Movable Type (apparently you can't backup a MT install, delete it and then copy it back up again – d'oh!) I'm rebuilding Ken's weblog, The Thin Guy Diaries. His blog suffers from all the same "damn, gotta fix that"s as mine, such as the comment templates, the archives, and a bunch of other stuff, but I'll probably tackle those this weekend after taxes and visiting relatives and client stuff is all taken care of. One thing at a time here, people.

Anyway, the testing URL is, which will probably revert to its normal address early next week, gods of the Interweb willing. Apologies for the long silence, buddy – we'll get you back up and running bigger, faster and stronger than ever here ASAP.

(Oh, and I'm not kidding about 'bigger, faster and stronger' – I'm adding in support so we can track his upcoming shows, added in a sideblog like mine, and built in new support for as well, and the comments are back to boot. See? Progress!)

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