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Slow Sunday.

I have a million things to do right now. I have more than enough client work to fill out the week, I need to finish up my taxes, I need to do stuff to get ready for school, I have work to do on the new Inkblots, but right now it's 77 degrees in Chicago, beautiful, sunny, and I just want to lay in the sun. Yay Springtime!

Oh, and FWIW – Andy and I spent the majority of yesterday trying to get a fresh install of MT 3.15 up and running on our server and it didn't take. We think Nick needs to throw a switch on the backend. So it's coming, but it's going a lot slower than I'd expected.


That's the beauty of your new exercise plan. You can use it as a great excuse to get outside for an hour or so, and you can't even consider it as a waste of time. :)

And you are so right---it was friggin' gorgeous yesterday. The beaches were packed when we drove down Lakeshore Drive.

Yeah. It's too bad that it's so dreary out today, but on the other hand that helps me focus and get actual work done. :)

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