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Risky behavior, continued part III.
This is the point in our narrative where my friendly competitor has the chance to catch up. Whereas Week One was fantastic, Week Two was a wash – no loss, no gain, which of course on a timetable means serious trouble. Week Two was sabotaged by going out to the Cubs game on Monday (which meant dining out for lunch), insane client workload and doing taxes (which meant lowered exercise time), and then hosting family visitors this weekend (which meant dining out for most meals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday). Further, Week Two saw the introduction of more weightlifting instead of the intense aerobic workout of crazy bike mileage, which means that while I'm more toned, I'm the same weight as I was before. Being toned is good (my arms and kiester feel great from biking and curls and so on), but what I really need is just to reduce all the extra me hanging around.

I'm getting a jump on Week Three, though. Taxes are done, the groundwork is laid for straightforward project grinding, and yesterday (Sunday) I did my personal best on the bike with fifty miles. Keep in mind that these are daily totals, as doing fifty miles at a stretch would probably make my knees fall off, but if you estimate that biking 10 miles per hour burns between 300 and 360 calories, then theoretically I burned between 1500 and 1800 calories today. That's huge, but it's going to be impossible to keep those numbers up – it's physically impossible for me to spend 4-5 hours on the bike everyday and still keep my client gigs (and everything else) going. Maybe if I designed some system to keep the bike in front of my desk... :(

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