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Progress report.

It hasn't been a bad week – it hasn't been a great week, but it hasn't been a bad week. I'm finishing up a couple of gigs, leading off on a couple more, and still hitting the exercise bike with determined zeal. It's weird – remember what I wrote earlier about being more toned but not losing any more weight? The same thing has been going on this week. I'm noticing a perceivable change in my general outline, but the stats remain the same. My best hope here is that I'm gaining in muscle mass at the same time as I'm losing fat, so that eventually the numbers will reflect a drop, but if I wind up weighing what I weigh now and my BMI gets back to where it should be, then I guess I'll take that. :)


gosh! the same thing has happened for me the last two weeks: i've lost inches, but no weight. it's frustrating, but i'm noticing that i'm looking better... sooo.... anyhow, glad you're pleased with your more toned bod! and thanks for the update! :)

If you have a tape measure, take a few quick measurements around your waist, chest, legs, arms, etc. Changes in those measurements are a great way to track just the kind of "weight loss" you are experiencing---no change on the scale, but perceivable change in the body.

You can always go by how your clothes fit, as well, but if you like to have numbers to track, a tape measure is your friend.

If you don't have a tape measure, but you have some string, wrap the string around the above mentioned body parts, and tie off or mark it where the two ends meet. Each week, go back and look at where the sting meets again, and if you still want some data points, get out your trusty ruler (I know you have one of these!) and measure the distance between weeks. Voila! Instant charting gratification!

Keep up the great work, friend!

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