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Oh, yeah. It's on.

35 miles on the exercise bike today. I can't wait to see how rubbery my legs are tomorrow.


You won't be able to walk. You'll have to pedal with your fingertips.

I spent today doing homework, doing homework, going to class, going to class, doing homework, doing homework, aaaaannnd... doing homework. So you win today.

Tomorrow, though, barring an angry sit-in in the bursar's office until they explain exactly why my financial aid dropped in half this quarter, I have all day free. To the gym! Bring it, baby...

25 miles today, plus a good deal of mallwalking and a bunch of other weight-lifting stuff. Consider it brought.

All day free. Oh, yeah. All day. Yeah, right. Damnitt.
I now have $200 to hold me through the end of April. Grrrrr. This is bad. Stupid college with their stupid random financial aid disbursement rules. I swear to god, they plan their administrative decisions based on the entrails of a goat. RAAAAR!

Oh, man! That sucks! What happened?

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