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It's only Tuesday?

Boy, if every day this week turns out to be like yesterday I'd be finished with my entire to-do list on Friday. That would be good, because I'd also be dead.

One of the things they don't tell you when you go freelance is that, yeah, if you billed for a full 40 hours every week you could make some serious bank, but you really wind up billing for only about half to two-thirds of your time; the rest is spent on overhead, fielding emails, organizing stuff, and so on.

Yesterday I billed fourteen hours.

Think about that for a second, while I go take a nap.


Hey there sexy!! Look on the bright side. At least all this work will help prepare you for going back to school. And you can make some nice bank and get that kick ass place you want in Boston. Thinking of you always and missing you like crazy!!

Your first paragraph made me laugh out loud. Thanks for providing humor therapy for your pregnant friend. It helps a lot, since I can't drink or take any fun medications anymore.

hope the rest of your week is going well! looking forward to an update on your exercise plan. geoff, you've been inspiring me to develop my own schedule: david and i drew up a calendar with a count down to our wedding. since we’ve made it, we’ve worked out every day. cool beans!

I'm glad it's coming in handy! I hope you manage to stick to yours better than I'm sticking to mine... :P

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