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I see a trend emerging here.

So I'm following the Abs Diet, ah, diet – three small-to-medium meals with three snacks in-between, and this seems to be working fairly well. I've also been doing a crazy amount of cardio – I put in 40 miles on the bike today, one ten-mile stint this morning before breakfast, another ten-miler after I came home from the day's main work, and then another twenty during and after The West Wing. I think I'm also dropping weight, but I'm not sure if the reported losses on the scale in the morning are really trustworthy, or if they're just natural physical variations from day-to-day. I weighed myself this morning and I'd definitely dropped since Monday, but I'm expecting to try that again tomorrow and not see any variation, or even a gain.

That said, if you figure biking 10 miles per hour burns 6-7 calories per minute, which is about what I was doing (and yes, I spent about 4 hours today on the bike), that means that I burned between 1440 and and 1680 calories, which translates into a little less than half a pound (3500 calories). Let's see if I can keep this up, though.


Don't flip out if you don't lose right away--when we started going to the gym I gained 5 lbs (yes, 5!). Presumably, more muscle mass. But as muscle burns more calories than fat, the weight has now been falling off me. I hope the same works for you! Sounds like you managing to have fun at the same time! You may also want to vary your exercise. Working the same muscle groups without giving them time to repair could cause some problems further down the road. And best if you work all of your body, not just your legs! Have you thought about taking a pilates class? :)

I've heard pilates recommended before, but it's not something that I'm really that excited about. Neither is yoga, despite my roommate's swearing up and down that it's the greatest thing evar. I guess I'm funny about the kind of exercise I do – I like lifting weights, I like riding the bike, and I'd like to get out and do some more trail running if I get a chance. I'd also really love to come out to Colorado and do a little hiking this summer if I can, but I need to figure out how much that would cost... :(

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