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From sThig: Basic Human Requirements.

The good Scott Thigpen provides yet another interesting life insight: Nineteen Basic Human Requirements. These are as follows:

  1. Connect emotionally
  2. Be vulnerable and share feelings
  3. Have an appropriate sense of power and assertiveness
  4. Say "NO"
  5. Have initiative and drive
  6. Have at least a minimal amount of organization
  7. Be real, but not perfect
  8. Accept imperfections and have grace and forgiveness
  9. Grieve
  10. Think for oneself and express one's opinions
  11. Learn and grow
  12. Take risks
  13. Grasp and use one's talents
  14. Be responsible and follow through
  15. Be free and not controlled by external or internal factors
  16. Be sexual
  17. Be spiritual
  18. Have a moral sense
  19. Have an intellectual life

I think I can safely say that some years of my life are more fully actualized than others. I'm currently trying to fill in some of the blanks in this list, but resource management for this kind of thing is, as always, a real challenge.

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