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Done and done!

Today I learned a valuable lesson – don't do your taxes at four in the morning. When I went back over them this afternoon, I discovered I'd deducted my laptop twice (oops) and not taken the full deduction on my new desktop machine, which made a huge difference on my bottom line. Mercifully, it was a drop in the money I owed The Man. Huzzah!

In any case, everything's finished, the check's in the mail and I can now get back to client work and hanging out with my mom and my grandma, who are both in town this weekend to attend some antique... Botanical... Thing. Basically there's some big antique fair going down in the Chicago Botanical Gardens, a combination which will no doubt be catnip to my mom. Ah, well, it should be fun. If I tag along, I'll upload some pictures sometime this weekend.

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