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On Yahoo! 360.

So good old Min Jung Kim pinged me with a friend request for Yahoo! 360°, and like a good little technology ho, I signed up. For a couple of minutes I was thoroughly annoyed at the idea that I would have to reconfigure everything, start a new blog, start a new photo album service... "Screw this," I thought – and then I saw this:

Coming soon...
You'll be able to share your RSS-enabled content (blogs, photos, etc.) in Yahoo! 360°.
Holy crap. With that one simple feature, Y!360 has built itself into a combination Friendster-killer and personal RSS aggregator. This has potential. Now, if only someone would figure out how to use FOAF to bloody import your friends list instead of having to recreate your freakin' network on Friendster, Y!360, Flickr... Yo! Lazyweb! Over here!

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