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On RSS aggregators and WebKit.

If I had known on Monday how this week was going to go, I'd have started labeling each post with a big GeekWeek tag. Hmm. Maybe next week.

Anyway, the point of this post is another idea that just popped into my head. Check out PulpFiction, an "Advanced News Reader/Aggregator for Mac OS X". Now, web wonks like me grouse because after all the time and effort we've put getting our websites to look just so, along come RSS aggregators and all of a sudden, it's all gone. Poof, just like that. I understand the appeal – believe me, as someone who reads 50+ sites a day, I understand – but why not combine a feed list at the top (as PulpFiction does) with a WebKit-enabled browser window at the bottom (as Process does)? Clicking on a story loads the individual archive page of that particular entry in the window at the bottom. Poof, you're done.



What about Firefox with the Sage plugin? It's a reader that is

* Free, and
* has a full browser built in

because it's a plugin to a full browser. I was using that before I formatted my hard drive. I haven't reinstalled it yet, but will be shortly. It allowed me to see all the posts in a list, and easily open posts in new tabs... giving me the individual archive entry for each post.

Hence, I saw the actual post as the author intended.


You've never used NewsFire?

My copy of NewsFire doesn't do that... Yours does? Is there someplace I have to turn that function on?

Matt, that sounds like exactly what I'm looking for -- except I'm a diehard Safari man...

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