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From sThig: Poser and a WACOM tablet in workflow.

So this morning's discovery of joy is An Artsy Fartsy Blog by illustrator Scott "sThig" Thigpen, who is one of my favorite artists on the scene today. Cheating, or not? is his post describing how he incorporates Poser, a Wacom tablet and Illustrator into his workflow. I'm sitting here reading this with my jaw hitting the floor, an absolute why didn't I think of that? moment. One of my big pet peeves with my illustrations is that I never seem to get the proportions right, so using Poser as a modern-day guide for such things is genius.

Shoot. I guess I'll have to go track down a new copy for OS X then... The last version of Poser I used was way back in '98, and I have a near-religious aversion to running Classic. Of course, I need to grab a new WACOM tablet too – maybe in this year's second round of technology updates. Shoot, I'm still paying off last year's big toy purchases...


You might want to check, but I thought they had discontinued development of Poser on the Mac platform.

They may have revisited that decision since, but at the very least, I'd suspect that we're a version or two behind.

hey thanks for the nice little compliment! Just fyi: sThig, not thing ;) (my last name is Thigpen)

Hey, Scott -- oops! Sorry, I've fixed the typo. Thanks for swinging by!

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