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So I spent a big chunk of this afternoon trying to get my Quicken for Mac up to date, and once again I was floored by how utterly broken it is. Much like my utterly abysmal experience with QuickBooks for the Mac, Quicken is riddled with problems and errors, and they're bloody blatant to boot. These aren't little fiddly errors, these are whole columns on the main report page not pulling out data and Intuit merely shrugging and saying, "Yeah, we know, we're working on it." Right. That help ticket was filed in 2003, and apparently it's still an issue.

Yo, Apple -- how about tweaking IGG Software again and releasing a full-featured iBank app? (I say 'again' because I think their 'iBiz' was 'iWork' before Apple cleared their almighty throats last year.) Or why doesn't one of the big banks step in and create a superpowered online banking app with the same kinds of reporting features that we have to turn to Quicken for? Categorization of entries, pie charts of expenditures, forecasts and budgeting... Shouldn't these be the kinds of things that banks should be offering in the 21st century? Instead of getting their money by asinine $2-4 ATM fees, monthly online checking fees, service fees, et cetera, why not upgrade the whole system and charge us $20 a month for complete personal financial management services?

If this already exists, someone please let me know!


so, neat apartment in boston, but could you REALLY live with a kitchen that small????! :)

For those ceilings and architectural fixtures, I'd find a way to make do. :)

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