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Griffin Technologies' RadioSHARK: one slick little device.

So it's not quite as cool as the idea of "TiVo for radio" makes it sound, but the RadioSHARK from GriffinTechnology is pretty dang nifty nevertheless. There are all kinds of schnazzy little things I'm imagining could be done with this, but I refrain from ruminating about them here due to their somewhat fuzzy legal nature.

Oh, fine. (Manifesto!)

Theoretically, one could combine the RadioSHARK with some weblogging software to do a "Post to Weblog" bookmarklet for radio. I could have my RadioSHARK playing in the background, hear something I like, and bing-bang-boom, have an MP3 on my site of the clip in question. The difficulty of such an idea is increased exponentially by Griffin's failure to make the RadioSHARK software AppleScriptable, but theoretically it could still be done.

Personally, I'm simply thrilled that I now have a radio tuner piping through my computer speakers that doesn't require a web browser or whatnot. I now have presets, which is something I've always wanted in a regular radio, and I can pause the radio if I need to pop out to the kitchen while listening to NPR.

One thing I haven't figured out yet – and I actually don't think is possible – is how to cross-breed the RadioSHARK with AirTunes, thus enabling me to transmit the radio signal to the living room. (It's a moot point, actually, since there's already a radio in the living room, but you understand the idea.) Further, I wonder when or if Apple will ever conquer the problem of signal delay and asynchronization, which is (I'm sure) what's holding up the idea of piping your music through multiple AirPort stations. I can't wait for that – my friend Jessica Edwards' parents' house was wired for sound, with speakers upstairs and down all playing the same station and controllable from the kitchen, and I thought that was about the slickest thing ever. Oh, I'm sure it could be done much simpler and cheaper by just using multiple radios, but hey, this is me.

Also. Whoever figures out how to control iTunes using a Treo 650 and those wireless drivers wins The Big Cookie. Hmm. Now THERE'S a project...

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