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Coming Late to the Party: The Postal Service.

So my coolhunting in music usually goes like this: I'll pick up on references to a band that show up in other media in context with someone or something that I already like. Lately, the electronipop group The Postal Service has been popping up all over the periphery of my radar, and when the inestimable Molly Wright Steenson posted the lyrics to their song "Such Great Heights", I knew I had to check them out for myself.

Wow. I am appropriately amazed.

This is almost exactly the kind of stuff I want to start monkeying with when I start my band. Probably more actual instruments, but some of the same flavor. Check out MP3s and music videos right over here. Incidentally, the video for "Such Great Heights" is nothing like what I would have pictured in my mind, but it has a cool Michel Gondry feeling to it slightly reminiscent of what he did for The Chemical Brothers. Nifty.

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