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I have an idea.

This was a great weekend, highly needed and coming at just the right time. I went to a party on Friday night thrown by a girl who went to Kenyon but who was in a slightly different circle than my own. As a result, I met up with a bunch of alums that I only knew a little back at Kenyon, but seeing them now was really terrific. I found myself oddly self-aware for a lot of it, but I had a great time – and, in a moment of true surrealism, I ran into someone I knew from elementary school, who didn't go to Kenyon but apparently knew the host through some different channels. Further, one of the girls from Kenyon had at one point been best friends with a girl I dated back in high school. It is the smallest of small worlds.

On Saturday, I went with Talon and his fellow DePaul DePeople to go see a children's theater show based on a modernized African folk tale, which was beautiful and wonderful and a whole lot of fun. After we came back, I took a look around the apartment and started taking notes. The place needed a good cleaning; T and I had done a big cleanup a week or two earlier, but there was just clutter piling up, mostly my stuff. So I rolled up my sleeves and went to work. It wound up taking the rest of Saturday and a huge chunk of Sunday, but the place looks great, and I feel a lot better about things. Which probably then directly tied into my working on Sunday evening, building two new designs for projects which had been bugging me for a while. The new designs are beautiful and elegant and straightforward, just the way I like 'em. I'm hoping the clients go for them. I'll post something here when things move forward.

I also had a new idea for a media project this weekend, one which might – might – be able to be done quickly, exhibit the kind of thinking I want to demonstrate for my grad school applications, and might demonstrate new applications of technology to do some really nifty things, but be built with existing materials and off-the-shelf hardware. I'm hoping I can go out and do a proof-of-concept for this project this week, but we'll see how my time works out. I'm hoping this will happen, but like I said, I need to see how things shake out. If so, I'll provide a link and a little demonstration here. Stay tuned.

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