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Canada 2.0.

Huh. So that's where I live: "Miniwillinois." Or is that "Mini Willinois"?

Canada 2.0

(Courtesy of the lovely and brilliant Mena Trott.)


Alas, we'll still end up with postal abbreviations that don't resemble the originals. Since British Columbia already has "BC," Baja Canada will probably have to end up with "BJ."

Whoa!! When did I start living in the United State of Texas? I did not sign up for this. I voted for the other guy... although, I do work for the man! Hmm, well at least Ashcroft's gone... but the new appointee is the guy who edorsed torture as a means to extract information from "terror suspects". Time to get out of this place... (the UST that is).


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