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Geoff 1, Deer 0.

I grew up in the middle of the woods and cornfields. I went to college in the middle of woods and cornfields. Last night I hit my first deer – in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio.

Ah, justice.

The final score: I walked away unscathed, except for getting a bunch of airbag dust in my eyes, nose and sinuses. The car's windshield is being replaced this morning, and my Dad's already cruising eBay for new airbags (which, if the dealer installs them, is a four-digit procedure). The hood's a little crumpled and there's a mean dent in the front right fender where the sucker's antlers punched a hole in it (we think), the front turn signals are broken, and the cruise control and the tape deck no longer work (the cruise control, I believe, due to their sharing the same area of the steering wheel where the airbag deployed, but the tape deck's breaking is beyond me).

BUT, the car still works, I don't have a single bruise, and I can now say that I've bagged my first deer. Jeez. It could have been worse – much, much worse. Case in point: Nick's recent misadventures. I'm thanking God and my lucky stars things worked out as well as they did.

Oh, and you know you're a designer when you go out first thing the next morning to snap pictures of the nifty spiderweb patterns made in the shattered windshield. With luck, I can use them in a client design somewhere to pay for the repairs.

Welcome to Geoff's lemonade stand! What can I get you today?

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