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E-mail up!

My e-mail is back, so any and all missives you'd intended to send winging my way will now reach me (assuming my killer attack spam filter doesn't wrestle it to the ground first). I'm writing this from the couch of my friend David, in his very cool new pad in Erie, Pennsylvania. This is after having crashed with Bill for two or three nights and then Nick for a night. (So many of my friends have websites now. I'm so proud.)

Anyway, yes -- the second film from Tohubohu came together this weekend with an astonishingly small amount of fuss and catastrophe. Further, the finished film, Screening Process: A Loser's Guide to Love, is actually a really, really cool little piece, genuinely heartwarming and truly funny in all the right places. I daresay we're getting the hang of this. I'll post a note when our new site goes live with info on Screening Process, which will probably be next week.

Right. Bed calls. Lots of driving these last couple of days... If my future involves this much travel for films and client projects and grad school visits and whatnot, I think once I get my G5 fully paid off, I'm definitely going to invest in a new car.

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