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Subscriptions in Safari?

So just about the only thing I miss from Internet Explorer is the ability to "subscribe" to sites – in other words, the ability to scan down and see when your favorite sites have been updated without actually visiting them. That was cool. I wonder if someone's built a plugin for Safari that would enable website watchlists?


Derek points out that Safari will support RSS feeds in Tiger. This is true, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. I'd rather have just a simple notification icon show up to the left of the bookmark icon whenever a site's been updated. That said, the RSS feed will definitely be better than nothing, and I can't wait to see Apple's schnazzy implementation in action.

I don't know how the notification will work, but in this leaked screenshot ...

... you can see that there's a preference for "check for new articles." When Safari finds a new article, I'm sure it notifies you somehow. I also can't wait!

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