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Stupid, stupid Comcast.

I love Chicago. I really do. What I don't love is the Comcast Internet service we're getting out here. Back in DC, we didn't have that many problems, but here in the windy city a gnat sneezes in Milwaukee and our 'Net connection goes down. Grrrr. As a result, it's 9 o'clock and I'm just now checking my email for the first solid time all day, because I finally caved and headed for a Panera Bread.

I know, I know, it's a holiday, but I'm behind. I did get a chance to work on some of those Flash books I bought a while back, and I'm feeling pretty powerful. I also took a little time to update my interactive portfolio, adding a bunch of stuff I've done this year. So some progress was made, but Comcast is still on my hit list. Gah.


Another broken link. They kinda take away the flow, you know?

This time, it's the "Interactive Portfolio" thing, which should have been but instead was written as, which resulted in a "page not found" screen.

The frustrating link the other day that didn't work was which goes nowhere and leaves one wondering what all the buildup was really about.


Oh, rats. Thanks, John -- much appreciated. I've fixed the link to the MP3 and this link should be fixed momentarily.

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