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Social (software) butterfly, part II.

Furthermore, someone with deep pockets (*cough*Google*cough*) should go out there and frickin' buy up Flickr, Friendster, Plazes and all these similar services and roll them all into one mammoth 'myLife' plugin for your weblog. It'd be the greatest combination "about me + blogroll" system ever. People are using these systems with increasing regularity, but it's getting too bloody complicated. Maybe this is the next arena for someone like Apple to tackle: a combination of these social software apps with some blogging software, something that brings all this mess together into one spot. I think this is where the next big chunk of Kottke's Web 2.0 concept will be coming from.

Hmm. There's already stuff like this going on; the Rendezvous system built into iChat kind of does what Plazes is supposed to do anyway: show you who's around, but iChat doesn't let you link to a profile, or a weblog, to let you figure out who this random digital identity belongs to, or if they're someone you'd ever consider exchanging syllables with...

Right. Too much thinking, not enough sleeping. Night-night.

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