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Precisely the kind of dork I am.

It is a Monday night. It has been a very good, very productive day –, one of my little client gigs, got out the door safely, a couple other client projects moved forward, I did the laundry, took out the trash, snagged some halfway decent chicken biryani for dinner, and now am looking around the universe out here for a midnight sale of the Star Wars trilogy on DVD. I am somewhat astonished to discover that nobody here on the north end is doing a midnight sale. The hell, people? Borders did a midnight sale for Bill Clinton's biography but not the DVD set of Star Wars? Where are your priorities?

Not to mention the fact that the last book in The Dark Tower series also hits the shelves tomorrow. I'm honestly mildly flabbergasted that this stuff isn't coming out closer to Christmas. I know these two items would be at the tip-top of my Christmas list, if I had even one iota of restraint...

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