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On the other hand...

I am suddenly reconsidering the design trajectory I'd been taking for my new weblog. Why? I was futzing around on my current personal site, looking for a piece of content, and I realized that with a couple of small exceptions, I really liked the look and feel of that site, even better than the new one. I've also been reading Adam Greenfield's design notes on v-2 and realizing that yes, indeed, I do share his inclination towards stark, minimalist navigation and disinclination towards superfluous Flash widgets. Which is too bad, because I've been making some kind of nice Flash widgets, but at the end of the day they're just not what I should be working on. What I should be working on are new interactive narratives, design experiments and truly excellent writing and observations, not trying to make myself into something I'm not – an "edgy" web designer. Reading Adam's notes, I'm learning from his mistake and trying to prevent my own.

So, the question then becomes, how do I integrate the new features I want into the existing site? I think I found my project for the weekend...

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