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Guys like me shouldn't be given GarageBand.

On Friday, my good man Talon and I headed to the mall to hang out and play mallrat. While there, I picked up Griffin Technologies' GarageBand microphone cable, which lets me jack in a regular XLR mic straight into the Mac. (I also picked up an iMic, but I seem to have some difficulty getting its preamp features to work properly.) What this means is that I can now record my beautiful (*cough*) voice without that bloody buzzing from recording with the PowerBook's built-in mic. Major improvement. I set out to rerecord 'God and Ducks' but instead made a new track, 'Seven-Eleven Cherry Apple', which is a more-or-less instrumental piece and another epic testament to my own silliness and lack of shame. It's funky and silly and not to be played over open speakers in an office. Trust me.

Seven-Eleven Cherry Apple
(3.17MB, two minutes and forty-seven seconds of silly)



Yeah, yeah. :)

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