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Land. Speed. Record.

So yesterday my friend Matt shot me an email with a problem. He's starting up a small company and he needs a website, el pronto. Usually this wouldn't be a challenge, but I'm on my way out of town this weekend for a reunion with some old Kenyon compadres and he needs it done by Monday. Whoa.

Well, we did it. A complete small site with all original art – and more work-intensive artwork than I've done for almost any project in recent memory, I should add, since it involved nine hand-drawn and then photocollaged images – done in just over twelve hardcore hours. Oy, my hands. Oy, my eyes – this also involved me getting four hours of sleep last night. Should I mention that these guys are also in England? God bless the Interweb.

I can't link to the finished project yet, but Matt should have an announcement here very soon. They're putting their finishing touches on stuff, and I'm out the door. For now, though, a teaser of my entry in this site:

Geoffrey's dream office

How cool would that be? Go check out Matt's site to see the one I did for him, too. :)


Wow! Love it...

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