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Holy cow, progress.

Wow. I guess I should have posted that quasi-obituary months ago. In the last couple of weeks, I've plowed through almost the entirety of Act Two for Bones of the Angel and laid almost all the groundwork for Act Three. I'm writing as fast as I can, filling several of those little Moleskine journals with page after page of First Draft stuff, which for me is both the most exhilirating and often the hardest part. It's wonderful, like a massive block has been removed from my head. Whether or not this stuff is any good remains to be seen, but I'll start polishing as soon as I start typing it into the Master Draft on my PowerBook.

I should note, though, that I think pretty soon I'm going to pull down the Work In Progress section. As the book nears completion, I'm going to have to start casting a wary eye towards actually landing an agent and getting it published. That said, the mighty mighty Cory Doctorow has done a wonderful job of paving the way by giving his books away for free and still making a damn good name for himself in the process. That, coupled with the Virtual Book Tour that the cool-yet-humble Kevin Smokler founded and I've been helping with, could yield an interesting misadventure: a novel released as a free PDF into the blogosphere and then discussed on a tour. I think I might like to go one step further, though, and maybe involve some of the people I've worked with through Inkblots, maybe even asking some of them to contribute extra creative material for what would eventually become a sort of "Special Edition" DVD or website of the book.

These are the things I think about. Possibilities. Potential. Of course, I need to finish the damn thing first, but that's coming along nicely at the moment, so I feel justified in being not a little jazzed. :)

Nothing makes a writer happier than writing.

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