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A good way to start a Friday.

I found a trailer this morning for a new movie called I Heart Huckabees, which is billed as "An Existential Comedy" and looks like it could easily become my favorite movie since The Royal Tenenbaums. In select cities October 1; I am hereby sincerely, deeply hoping Chicago is a Select City.

Also! I am looking to catch a screening of Zach Braff's Garden State as soon as possible. I am, if nothing else, a sucker for this kind of cinema, these little moments.

I am also now planning to reinstall two scenes into my novel which I'd previously cut because they felt too luxurious, because after watching Miyazaki's Spirited Away again last night and realizing that my favorite scene is the one with the train slowly whipping over the ocean, I recognize that those are the moments I really love. Like the moments I've been shooting for in my short stories "Auld Lang Syne" and "Small States".

I should warn all comers that the novel, Bones of the Angel, is going to be one weird-ass mishmash of the supernatural, the philosophical, the technological and the very, very human. It's a story about loss and the ways we try to heal, or try not to. It's part Neil Gaiman and it's part Wes Anderson and it's a whole bunch of other stuff as well. Just like in my last post, it's a bunch of the stuff that I like, all wrapped into one. It's the kind of book I'd love to read if I could ever find it at Borders, but I couldn't, so I wrote it myself. And, after all, isn't that basically what should fuel this kind of thing?

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