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Weblog design notes.

Oh, and I guess I should comment on the slight design tweaks I made here a couple of days ago. Nothing too major, but I moved my headshot down to the bottom of the page beside my bio, updated said bio, removed the calendar from the sidebar to save space, and have resolved to do some more tweaks eventually. The problem with keeping this weblog as the editorial of an otherwise static webzine is the pressure to redesign everything if I just want to redesign the weblog. I guess I could strip the weblog out of here and bounce it over to, but enh.

One thing I am tempted to do is start posting more pictures, a la Derek's That man is constantly taking jaw-dropping pictures with the exact same camera that I use, and it's making me jealous. I do have a couple neat ones I took this weekend when my friend Laura was in town that I might post here soon, but I'd ideally like to go into the photography section of my portfolio and rebuild it to incorporate photos... Or come up with some way to dynamically update the whole friggin' system and just have my most recent portfolio addition appear in a thumbnail to the left of this here weblog...


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