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This ought to be interesting.

So according to a story in today's New York Times, Bush Opens New Campaign Phase With Dash Through Midwest, President Bush is claiming that we've "turned the corner on our problems". Oh, really? For all the ranting and raving that the Republicans have been doing about Kerry's "flip-flop" behavior, I'd like to see one of them try to explain away this ridiculous 180 from Bush's previous fearmongering to this apparent "Shiny Happy People" BS.

It bothers me that Bush is a self-serving idiot that's essentially a puppet for a cabal of fearmongering Uncle Moneybags. What bothers me even more is that he's so damned shameless about it.


I'm just hoping his dash through the Midwest is swift, so he's out of there by the time we move.

Oh, and Geoff, maybe you haven't heard the latest...if you think we've turned to corner hard enough, maybe it can be true.

All I have to say is this: Just think happy thoughts and you'll make it home, Dorothy. Right back to Texas, not Kansas.

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