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A million things.

Spent the day doing a bunch of catch-up somethings, like bug fixes for my life. Got my hair cut, cleaned out the car and checked its fluid levels, added some furniture to the apartment (thanks, Dad!), updated the Arbor Place website to version 2.1, tweaked the new MedHire website just a smidge, updated my Flash MX 2004 to version 7.2 (anything that makes Flash run lighter will be a big improvement), daydreamed some more about new toys, got a tech trial of the future syndication up and running, went out to dinner with Talon and Sara... All in all, it's been a very very busy and productive day, but boy howdy, for some reason it still feels like I haven't done that much today. Maybe it's because there's still (always) so much left to do...


Hi there Geoff - The world truly is a small place. I was just checking out your Arbor Place website and the first testimonial was by Dr. M Steven Piver, one of the ob-gyn attendings I worked with during my third year rotation. I scrubbed in on a couple of his surgeries and he had me present a paper on hormone replacement therapy and ovarian cancer. Probably around the same time, you were designing a website with his testimonial. Ten years ago, we were 'going out'. Pretty crazy...

Small world indeed! That's very cool. Did you see If you're ever in the market for a job in the medical industry, I'd be more than happy to link you up with the woman who runs it, to help you find the best gig out there. :)

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