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This town is manic.

Chicago has the craziest weather I've ever seen. Hotter than heck in the afternoon, and then wham, a big ol' thunderstorm rolls in off the lake with a bunch of cold air and the temp drops like twenty degrees in 45 minutes. It's like Mother Nature needs Prozac.

I just walked downstairs to stick my nose out the front door, and it's not fit for man nor beast out there. Yikes. Then, on my way back upstairs, I caught a whiff of someone's dinner. Someone in this building is making a tuna noodle casserole, like my mom used to make. Nothing complex, basically a Hamburger Helper meal, but dang. It's amazing how suddenly a guy can get homesick.

Oh, well. I still love this town, and I'm nestled among friends and family here. I just wish it weren't raining so damn hard – I'd pop over to the grocery store and get some casserole fixin's.


yeah, Chicago weather can be pretty outrageous (just wait til January) but this is extreme. At 2 p.m. Friday I heard the temperature was 58 in Waukegan and 84 at Midway--a distance of about 60 miles or so.

Just caught this one. In Milwaukee, we used to say that if you didn't like the weather, just wait five minutes. No kidding, it's that drastic. Can't imagine Chicago's much different...? I always thought it was fun! Oklahoma's similar.

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