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On Ronald Reagan.

I should make some mention of the passing of Ronald Reagan, but I'm not exactly sure what to say. Reagan is the first president I remember. I remember being flopped down on the floor of my grandparents' house, watching their big TV as Reagan began his address with his raspy "My fellow Americans..." No other President has made that phrase sound quite right to me. I'm not a huge Reagan fan (and I think the movement to put him on Rushmore is misguided), but I salute him in the way that I would almost anyone who has served in that office: with the greatest respect for having pulled it off. Being the President of the United States is a Herculean task, and anyone that can keep this country going for four years, much less eight, deserves our gratitude. (I think the only two Presidents to whom I wouldn't extend that courtesy would be Nixon and the one currently in office.)

Good night, Mr. President. Thank you.


I honestly feel bad that he has passed on - just like I would anyone else. I wish he didn't have to have the most dibilitating disease, ever. No one wants to die without dignity and that's what his disease does to people.

However, as far as his running the country for 8 years...purely ludicrous. That man did more to harm the United States economy than any President ever did, present President excluded. It does take a Herculean effort to run the economy into the ground.

But I'm just a girl.

Yeah, I've been considering removing this post as I read more and more stories about his "legacy". Jeez.

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