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LoveSac, bay-bee.

So Talon and I just added the coolest thing to our apartment – an enormous not-a-beanbag chair called a "LoveSac". The jokes have been flying fast and furious, believe me, but this sucker fulfills a dream I've had for years of getting a beanbag chair big enough to really sink into, the way I used to be able to as a kid. It's huge. I love it. We picked the one with the chocolate brown denim cover, which is really soft and comfy. I'm sitting in it now as I'm typing this, and lemme tell you, I think I just found my new favorite writing environment. The LoveSac rules.


The phrase "Geoff's huge chocolate love sack" rolls easily off the tongue... mwa ha ha ha...

Hi Mrs. Long! *grin*

I was so deprived as a kid...I may have to find one for that reason alone! -make Mother and Father buy it, as though they owe me. hmmm.

There is a store that sells nothing but LoveSacs here in Colorado! It's a hoot. I haven't ventured in, but perhaps now I will, so that I can have a nice visual image of your chocolate one... :)

Y'all are sickos. And you're all invited to come play on my chocolate LoveSac anytime you want! ;)

Oh dear. I didn't even think of it THAT way until you posted your response. Evidently, I've gotten more and more naive since college.

Hehehe! I should take a picture of it and post it. Man, that should make the hits skyrocket!

Contact: Nate Mayfield

The LoveSac Corporation


Jason Flemyng, LoveSac ’LoveMatch’

Jews and Muslims come together for football in the park

London, England—August 23, 2004—On August 23, 2004: In response to the WSJ cover page article about the Iranian Muslim athlete refusing to compete against the Jewish athlete at the Olympics, Jews & Muslims come together at 11:00 am Monday, August 23, in London’s Battersea Park, for a mixed football match in order to prove that peace in the Middle East is possible.

English film star Jason Flemyng, who conceived the LoveMatch, says, “If these Jews and Muslims can come together for football at the base of the Peace Pagoda in the park, as real people, with real love, in an effort towards real peace, then so can their communities, and so can the rest of the world.”

LoveSac, a funky-friendly U.S. retailer, has finally come to London to open stores, to spread the Love, to bring people together, and to promote peace in the Middle East. LoveSac Oversized Sacs are enormous foam-stuffed bags, meant for people to come together on. This mixed Jewish/Muslim “Love Match,” football festival, promises celebrity referees, community supporters, free Love, free Sacs, free food, and great football. Make goals, not war.

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