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So in this recent flurry of business expenses, I finally placed an order for my own batch of Jewelboxing cases. I'd been following these guys since their launch, since I'm sort of a Coudal and 37signals devotee. And, hell, when even Brian Taylor gets into the mix, you know the sucker's gotta be some kind of funky.

My box just arrived. With luck, I'll have some time this weekend to create the new Dreamsbay portfolio discs I've been wanting to make forever. My plan here is to use the Jewelboxing system's holds-two-discs feature to include both one disc of a client's project for their own archival purposes, and a second disc (DVD?) of the Dreamsbay portfolio, as sort of a cross-marketing venture. The goal is to get these Jewelboxing kits in peoples' hands and make them go, Oooooh, I want these for my stuff, and drive up some sales myself. We'll see if this works!

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