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Back to my roots.
Canon i960
This week has been insane, workwise. Last night I stayed up until almost 4AM working on a client project, only to have it torpedoed this morning because the client couldn't get it to look right coming out of her home printer. Irritated and frustrated, I stormed out onto the Internet and started doing some research. My old roommate Nick had a Canon S9000 at the house, which was an amazing printer that I (of course) had to leave behind when I moved (as it was, of course, Nick's), so I knew I was in the market for one for me, especially in these moments when I couldn't definitively prove that the problem wasn't with the file. After some time poking around Steve's Digicams, I concluded that the sweet spot for me was a Canon i960, which has an equal print quality but doesn't print on anything larger than 8.5x11. At some point I will probably regret not opting for something that can do at least 11x17, but at this moment I only need 8.5x11 and I wanted to pay less than $200 for it. Lo and behold, the i960.

This is a sweet printer. The sucker's whisper-silent, prints out amazingly detailed photographs (and I mean amazing, even on its default setting) and is fast to boot. I'm happy with my purchase, and am now grinning like an idiot schoolboy at returning to my original print-design roots. Me and this baby, we're going to have some good times. And I've already got a client all lined up and ready for it. It's gonna be a work night, baby, and I'm gonna be lovin' it.

Yay for new toys! And double yay for new tax-deductible toys!


Wow! I guess great minds think alike. Just one week ago, I was in a similar situation where I needed to print some portfolio pages in color and using Meridian's printer just wasn't a good option. I bought the exact same printer. The i960 is very, very sweet and Best Buy was offering a $30 rebate. Prints on regular bond paper are amazing, but when you use the "Photo Paper Plus"... damn!

Right on, brother man. This sucker's got a lot of bang for the buck. Good call!

We're looking at getting a new printer as well.

Any idea how well the ink colors age?

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