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Playing catch-up.

Well, the apartment studio is definitely coming together (definitely not a studio apartment – the new place has two bedrooms, a living room, another room with a fireplace, and the kitchen and the bathroom, all for a price that's staggeringly affordable compared to life back in D.C.), and now it's time to play catch-up on the client projects that I'd been shirking. Hey, what can I say? Transporting oneself across the country takes time, not to mention healing from one of the most horrific sicknesses I've had in the last bunch-of-years. Suffice it to say that the sore throat led to inner ear pressure, which led to a ruptured eardrum, which has led to my basically losing hearing in my right ear for four to six weeks. It's coming back, though, which is making me feel incredibly relieved, and it no longer hurts like crazy and isn't leaking anymore, so all things considered, I'm doing okay.

Anyway, so, yes. The new place is coming together nicely – for the first time in almost three years my work area is no longer in my bedroom, which is one of the few ideas from Feng Shui that doesn't make me snicker. That's definitely a perk. And living with one of my best friends on the planet is also a major perk. I'm a lucky guy – I go from living with one best friend to living with another. God help me if I ever need to find a roommate that's a total stranger. I don't think that's happened since my freshman year in college.

And, today I finished one of those things I've been trying to do for a long, long time: added credit-card payment as an option to Thanks to the beauty of PayPal, I can now have my clients pay with plastic without it costing me an arm and a leg. I'm thrilled. One more step towards professionalism. Someday, when I actually get an office, I'll look around and say, "Hey! I made it!"

At which point, knowing me, I'll probably throw in the towel and change my career to something silly like Olympic figure skating, or something equally impossible.

So, yes, that's what's happening here in Chicago. Again, apologies for the intermittent updates. There's just so much to see and do that I don't feel like being attached to a keyboard any more than I can help it. One of these days I'm going to take the old camera out and go to town, though. There's a ton of neat stuff around here. Oh, well. As I seem to be saying a lot lately, "One day at a time."



Sounds so exciting! And your apartment sounds lovely! Congrats, Geoff!

Yeah, I'll have to post pictures one of these days. It's really, really a beautiful apartment, and there's lots of trees outside our windows, which makes me feel at home. I'm so happy that we're not just facing out on a bunch of blighted urban streets, which you can find just a few blocks away.

Another upside is that Talon is also kind of a neatnik, so I'm allowing myself to indulge my inner organization freak. It's bizarre how a man can change as he gets older. When I was younger, I was an absolute terror to Mom -- dishes and clothing strewn everywhere, pretty much just a slob. Now I'm getting to the point where as soon as I use a dish, I'll wash it off and stick it in the drying rack, and the clothes go straight into the hamper (well, if not immediately, then the following morning). As weird as it sounds, I blame the time I've spent doing HTML. When you start working in information architecture, suddenly your brain begins to take on this more rigid, fiercely organizational way of thinking, and you suddenly find yourself becoming a lot more anal... ;)

One way or the other, I see this as a Good Thing. I'm sure Mom would agree.

I am the same way now too---used to be surrounded by such a mess... and now I find such comfort in everything being neat and tidy with its place. That's great about the trees: one of the things I love about Boulder and missed terribly in the desert. It's nice to have nature surrounding us...

Sorry to be so late here, just discovered the site. Couldn't resist this...

**Someday, when I actually get an office, I'll look around and say, "Hey! I made it!"**

--If you've not read "The Fountainhead" I think you ought to. You're already quoting from it..."Roark." :)

Damn straight I've read The Fountainhead, as well as Atlas Shrugged. Those books did weird things to my brain, both galvanizing my sense of self as an independent businessman and making me really really resent being used as a corporate tool. However, they also made me into kind of an asshole at times, which is, of course, the major drawback to that philosophy. They're still some of my favorite books in the world, though. What did you think of them?

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