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Late night thinking: Weblogs of the Famous and the Dead.

It's a little after midnight here in Chicago. It's cool and wet outside, and we've got the windows in the apartment open, so there's a nice cool breeze a-blowin' through. I just got back from hanging out with one of my friends from college, which was an absolute blast, and now I'm sitting here in a clean apartment (one of my major accomplishments for the day) thinking about what I'm going to do tomorrow and about how much this city is already starting to feel like home. Which made me start thinking about love letters to cities, which made me think of Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, which then made start thinking about how cool it would be if Italo Calvino had a weblog, except, you know, he's dead.

So I started thinking. Who would you most like to see have a weblog? I mean famous people. We can lean on our friends to start weblogs, but who are the big names you'd like to read every day online? Two of my favorites, Adam Duritz and Neil Gaiman, already have weblogs. Who else?

  • Italo Calvino (from beyond the grave)

  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  • Stephen Spielberg

  • George Lucas

  • Robin Williams

  • Dave McKean

  • Jim Henson (also postmortem)

  • Jonathan Carroll (who had one, but now only has an intermittently-updated site, which doesn't count)

That's a start. Who would you most like to read everyday?


Hi Geoff,

Off the top of my head I want to see:

+ Einstein (passed on)

+ Galileo (also deceased)

+ Leonardo Da Vinci (now just dead weight)

+ Shakespeare (an ex-playwright)

+ Oppenheimer (dead)

+ Steve Jobs

+ W. (for entertainment)

+ some more of my friends

Ok, maybe there is a theme there, it could get to be a long list very quickly, Hmm, that could make an interesting project.

Hey, W. already has a blog --

Hmm... well, he did. Now it's being hijacked by Potus 2004. Which is in Dutch.

As for whose blogs I'd read, I'd like to nominate Christopher Guest.

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